Tuesday, February 25, 2014

At Long Last: A Thrift Outing

While I haven't been doing too much treasure hunting lately, I do have a few goodies to share. 

My family had this exact version of Pit when I was growing up. This game is in excellent condition and is such a classic. Do you remember the bright orange bell?

My little daughter is in love with this vintage Poochie paper doll playset. Poochie must have been way after my time because I don't remember her but she definitely has that retro look.

Most of my best finds seem to be in the game and toy department these days--I haven't seen too much of my favorite china and glassware patterns in awhile. But that's okay, I love the vintage playthings. Here are a few more...

The graphics on this Snow White game are beautiful, and all the pieces are there. I much prefer Snow White's look before she became a "Disney princess" and got all tarted up.

Here is an old version of one of my favorite childhood games--Battleship. I have fond memories of fighting over this game with my third grade classmates every time there was indoor recess!

I'm pretty sure that my family had this same set of Chinese Checkers. Unfortunately, this one is missing the metal bottom and lots of marbles, and is a bit dinged up to boot, but I still couldn't resist. I've hung old board games on the wall before, maybe this will meet the same fate.

I came across a stash of vintage puzzles one night and picked out this one to take home. You never know with old puzzles if you are going to get all the pieces, so I was hesitant to take a chance on all of them, but I loved the cover of this one so much that I was willing to take the risk. The pieces inside are a nice sturdy size and in very condition. I can't wait to try my hand at it--hopefully it will not be like the last puzzle I thrifted; that one I completed down to the very last piece only to discover it was missing.

This Happy Hoot Fun Desk is in very good condition if you overlook the decaying sponge eraser that is disintegrating throughout the box! I had to quarantine the whole kit and kaboodle until I can deep clean everything. In the meantime, I had to hide it because my two younger kids are pestering me to get their hands on it. But really, can you blame them?

I have a few more things to show you, but I'll save those for another day. It's been awhile but I'm linking up to Sir Thrift a Lot to show that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Thrift Spotlight: The Valentine Cat

Introducing a new series, Thrift Spotlight, where I will showcase favorite thrift finds from my collection and explain why they are meaningful to me.

One of the reasons that I comb thrift stores for treasures is to recapture precious memories, especially those that have been lost to time and advancing age. This week's spotlight item is a book from my childhood.

I picked up this book a couple of years ago at a thrift store. When I saw the title and the cover image, I remembered immediately that I had read the book as a child and I had such good feelings about it that although I didn't recall the story, I knew I had to bring it home for my children. I stashed it away waiting for Valentine's Day to roll around, but forgot about it until I came across it the other day tucked in among our valentine making supplies.

This book is a delightful and inspiring tale of a lonely and down-on-his-luck artist and a lost cat, and how they change each others lives forever. The teal, red, white, and black illustrations are just as wonderful as the story. My three children were entranced as I read this story aloud to them; I highly recommend it for a read-aloud session either at bedtime or at school.

I believe this book, originally published in 1959, is out of print but a quick search turned up a number of inexpensive used copies at amazon.com. Or you could always search the book section at your nearby thrift store!