Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Tiny Haul

"Haul" is a little bit of an overstatement, I admit, even when prefaced by the word "tiny." But I did score a few things over the holiday weekend that I thought I'd share.

You know I'm always on the lookout for pieces from the several vintage china patterns I collect. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find any--the china shelves are usually a shadow of what they once were! But I was lucky enough to spy these coffee cups in the Dixie Dogwood pattern by Joni. They were missing their saucers, unfortunately, but I picked them up anyway.

If you remember, last fall I excitedly reported that I found a gravy boat in this same pattern. At the time I posted, I thought that it was my only Dixie Dogwood gravy boat. As it turns out, I did already have one, but one good gravy boat deserves another and well, let's just be upfront about it and admit that now I have three Dixie Dogwood gravy boats. And no, I don't know why anyone would need three, but I do know there is no way I could have left it on the shelf!

Something else I've been looking for turned up this weekend. A couple of years ago, I found a beautiful glass punch bowl. Not the usual overdone and fussy style, but a clean-lined and simple punch bowl with a gorgeous glass ladle and 12 matching cups. I've always wanted to find a few more cups to match, but had yet to spot even one. Again, patience pays off, because I found four additional cups this weekend, and of course, into the cart they went.

One more vintage treasure that caught my eye was this covered aluminum cake pan. Now, I have two vintage covered aluminum cake plates, and I use them often, but a vintage covered cake pan is something that I've been wanting to add to my collection. This one was perfect, a nice smaller size and in pretty good shape with no dings.

My favorite part was the manufacturer's mark, I just love this script!

Last but not least, I picked up this not-so-vintage puzzle--and not a moment too soon! The next day it snowed and I enjoyed a lazy afternoon with my sweet children putting this together. Well, almost together...that sky is a killer!