Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Treasures Before the Storm

The day before a big winter storm, sensible people rush to the grocery store to ensure an ample supply of bread, milk, and toilet paper. And in my defense, I did make a run to Costco yesterday and replenished the larder with enough to keep us eating well for days. But I also managed to sneak in a quick stop at the thrift store in order to bring home some goodies to play with during our housebound snow day.

As it turned out, my finds are all perfect for a snowy day curled up on the couch. What more can one need than books and coffee, after all?

To begin with, I could not resist picking up this pair of sweet espresso cups and saucers. Alas, the photo simply doesn't capture the petite charm of these cups...you will have to trust me on this one!

Confession time: I have amassed quite a collection of espresso cups in the last few years, more than we could possibly ever use. But they are so adorable and hard to pass up. Especially this set, which matches the every day china that my husband and I received as wedding gifts many moons ago. We have only a few pieces left anymore--we break a lot of dishes around here--and I thought these cups would be a nice way to hold on to the pattern while giving me permission to let go of the chipped plates that remain. And we do drink espresso every day, so they aren't knick knacks on a shelf. (See how good I am at justifying purchases?)

Next up, I found this blue and white oval serving platter. 

It may look familiar to you, as I collect this pattern and share new pieces as I find them. I have no idea who made these dishes or what the pattern name is, but my mother gave a few pieces to me and I find them to be quite pretty in their simplicity. 

Here is more of my collection:

And as for those books...I simply cannot ever leave a new-to-me Ruth Chew book on the shelf! She was one of my favorite authors as a young girl, writing books about ordinary little children who encountered magical characters in their every day lives. The witches in her stories are not mean and frightening. They are approachable and share their enchanting magic with the children. Great literature they may not be, but fun reads? Yes!

Another children's book caught my eye as well. I love this book's cover and then I had to take it home when I read on the back that it takes place in nearby Concord, Massachusetts. I think my girls might enjoy it, but I hope to read it first!

And finally...I have a little thing for Episcopal prayer books and hymnals. Don't ask! I have a nice modest collection going, although I am about to pare down some duplicates and ones that I simply don't feel as attached to. But this one was new to me. It is a slender soft cover version of The Book of Common Prayer and dates from 1953. It is in excellent condition. I don't feel a strong draw to it, however, so I may end up putting it in my shop. 

Well, now I think I should put some of these new things to use. A cappuccino and book sound like the perfect antidote to the howling wind and swirling snow outside my window.