Friday, February 26, 2016

Nothing Beats a New Thrifting Buddy

I'd have to say most of my friends just don't get my "thing" for vintage. In fact, I'd go so far as to say most of my friends probably whisper behind my back about my thing for vintage! But then I have those precious friends who not only get it, but they share my great love for it.

I'm lucky that I have several dear friends who totally get it and love to go on treasure hunting trips with me. Unfortunately, most of these friends live back in my old neck of the woods so getting together isn't quite as easy or frequent as it once was. Which makes finding a new thrifting pal a thing to celebrate! Over lunch last month, my friend Elizabeth expressed an interest in tagging along with me sometime, and I jumped at the chance to show her the ropes. I think our day long excursion was a success--we both found some cool things--and I hope this was just the first of many outings that we can share.

But on to the finds! First up is a large oval platter in the Ever Yours Boutonniere pattern by Taylor Smith Taylor to add to my Ever-Growing collection. I love, love, love this pattern and especially adore this platter. I had this platter once upon a time but it was crushed by our movers (insert tears). I try not to shed too many tears when disaster strikes because I always have hope that I will find another, and although it took three and a half years, I did.

Here is another find that will go on immediate display:

In case you don't recognize it, it is a Marcrest Daisy Dot lidded crock. I have several of these, in varying sizes. I just love the warm brown glaze.

It must have been a good day for china finds, because I also scored a gorgeous blue and white Harkerware gravy boat in the beautiful Chesterton pattern.

Among my other finds were a cartful of vintage books, some of which are tagged for use in an exciting project that I will be working on soon, some for my kids, and even a couple for me. And this cute little storage container that I can use to organize smaller pieces of jewelry for my Etsy shop. It is always nice when I can repurpose things to use for my shop rather than buying new.

But quite possibly the best find of the day was my new thrifting buddy! :)