Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thrifting Karma and Dishes, of course!

Ahem, hello there! Yes, I am still breathing! Just haven't had the time to do much thrifting, and well, what is the point of posting to a blog devoted to thrift finds when there have been no thrift finds? But, happily, this week that changed and I have a few goodies to share.

First, let's start off with my favorite thing to thrift: vintage dishes! Here are two pieces to add to my collection of Dixie Dogwood by Joni--a soup bowl and a serving platter. The soup bowls are harder to find and I love the oval shape of the platter (which was an awesome gift from a thrifting friend). I think it is almost time to haul all of my Dixie Dogwood out of the closet to do an updated inventory. I have amassed quite a huge collection and I'm curious if there are pieces I need to search harder to find in order to more evenly fill out my set.

I also found a Blue Ridge pottery gravy boat and saucer. The pattern name is Chrysanthemum, but I need to confirm that these two pieces go together. I'm not sure I have any other pieces in this pattern, but I do have quite a collection of other red and blue floral Blue Ridge patterns, and this will coordinate nicely with those.

And next up is some proof that Thrifting Karma truly exists. A few years back, I found the most adorable set of vintage china Christmas ornaments. I fell head over heels for them because they were just so, so cute! But my friend who was with me also loved them. And I love my friend. So I gave them to her for Christmas. I will admit it was hard to part with them but I knew she would appreciate the gift and I knew if I could be generous and let them go, I would find more someday. And I did! At the very same shop I might add!

Now, this is obviously not a full set but it is a start! And I always enjoy having particular things to look for, so I'm keeping my eyes out for the rest of the set and I'm pretty sure that I will eventually find it.

Another collecting focus of mine is vintage invitations and paper goods. I haven't found too many exciting finds lately but these were pretty cool. Probably from the 1960s or 1970s, I'd say. They'd be perfect for a vintage Christmas open house (yes, that is a thing! At least in my head...)

And to wrap up this quick show and tell, I offer you these two sweet vintage tins. I don't pick up a ton of tins but these two were irresistible. Turquoise is my color after all.