Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Adventure

Well, friends, I finally took the plunge. After much planning and work, I have officially opened my Etsy shop, Anne's Pocket Finds.

I have only a few things in the shop so far, but my goal is to add new items each day, while making sure that I don't get in over my head. I did make one sale already, which was super exciting as the shop had only been open for a few minutes when the order came through. You should have seen my head spin!

For those of you have who encouraged me by leaving comments on the blog, offering helpful advice, giving me the big thumbs up on my posts on Facebook, sending me private messages and notes, or linking my blog to theirs, I cannot thank you enough. Your support and kindness has meant so much to me!

I have a lot to learn, and a lot of hard work ahead of me to make this successful, but I do hope that you will continue to follow along with me down this new path. In the meantime, please do take a moment to visit my new shop and let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Goodies

Despite the deep chill in the air today, the backyard ice rink was not yet frozen solid when we ventured out this morning, so we scrapped plans to host friends for an impromptu skating party and dashed out to greet the new American Girl Doll of the Year instead. She's a cutie, of course, but if I have anything to say about it, there will be no more AG dolls joining our collection anytime soon. It's still fun to look, however, and my girls had a ball perusing all the new offerings before carefully spending their own money on the new doll's Baking Outfit and the Softball Set. We have big plans to make some of the new doll's accessories and faux baked goods ourselves, "knock-off style", which we all find to be great fun.

Even more fun was stopping at the thrift shop on the way home! It is one I rarely get to, and I almost dared not ask to stop, but since everyone seemed to be in a good mood, I did, and was rewarded with not a single groan or eye roll.

And I'm so thankful I took the leap. Moments after entering the store, I scooped up fourteen pieces of my favorite Christmas china. Four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four saucers and two cups. I am sure the other two cups were there somewhere but after searching for a while, I gave up on them. I don't really need them anyway as I already have loads of the cups. It's really the dinner and dessert plates that I want. I will have to do a count when I put these away for next year--I am certain I am close to having 20 place settings, if not more. Perfect for large holiday gatherings!

I also found two bags of vintage Christmas ornaments. Nothing fancy, mostly solid colored glass balls, but a few special ones. And all the Christmas stuff was half off, so I got a really good price. I have enough fancy vintage glass ornaments to decorate an entire tree, but these solid ones are great for tucking deeper into the branches to really bring a tree to twinkling life as they reflect all the lights so well.

I always stop at the books, and today I found some mint condition Magic Tree House books for my younger daughter, who has caught the reading bug and is tearing through the series at a fast and furious pace. I also found a well loved copy of one of my favorite vintage children's books: A Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aiken. It will be a gift for a very special (9-year old) friend. I am sure she will be just as enchanted with it as my daughters and I are.

Finally, I picked up this glass box. I have been rather taken by the Emily & Meritt line at Pottery Barn Teen, and these reminded me of their "wishboxes." Of course, it needs a little polishing up to compete in the looks department, but I am pretty sure with a little TLC it will look just as sweet.

See what a simple cleaning can do, for starters? I do feel a date with some Antique Gold Rub n' Buff is in order here...stay tuned.

And now, my dear lovers of thrift, I am off to spend more quality time with my precious (not-so-little-anymore) little ones. It is the start of yet another year, one which I am sure will speed by as fast as the last one did, and I intend to savor every moment I can. Happy New Year to all!