Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back in the Saddle

One of the best things about the return of spring is the return of the church rummage sale! Last week, I made it to one of the first of the season around here. I arrived about half an hour before the doors opened, and joined a growing crowd outside. It was sprinkling and there were some complainers but overall, the mood was jovial and fun. I did what I thought was a good deed by giving the lady behind me one of my reusable bags that I had brought with me; she told me she had forgotten hers. She rewarded my small kindness by butting right in front of me when the doors opened! So much for paying it forward...

Inside, it looked like a smaller sale but I did extract some wonderful finds. I headed first for the housewares, but the pickins' were slim. I found one unopened package of vintage Hallmark party placemats hidden at the back of one of the tables, but that was about all.

In the seasonal department, I dug through a small box of Christmas ornaments and found this Annalee elf on a holly leaf ornament.

Next, I beelined it over to the games and toy section. Huge score there! I found five beautiful classic Parker Brothers games--Monopoly, Clue, Trade Winds, Sorry!, and Careers. Most are in excellent condition, with the worst of the lot just having a few tears on the corner of the box.

I also uncovered a mint condition Flintstones card game dating to 1961. So cute!

And a vintage compact chess and checkers game set, and another, older version of Pit.

I snagged a large ziploc with what looked like a wooden puzzle game of some sort with miscellaneous things mixed in. When I looked a little closer, I could tell it was one of those German wooden farm yard toys. I absolutely love these and this is probably my favorite find of the day. Sorry that I don't have a picture of this, but it was challenging to photograph and I gave up!

At the book table, I scored a few vintage children's books that had gorgeous illustrations.

I was not familiar with Pookie before that night but one look inside and I was in love.

When I returned home and looked online, I discovered that these British books have quite a following and first editions (of which I found one) can bring a pretty penny.

I also fell in love with this carol songbook from the 1930s. I put it down a couple of times but kept picking it back up. I hesitated only because I thought the books were slightly overpriced at this sale and I had limited cash on me. I am so glad I kept it. It is in excellent condition and the cover is divine. Nothing captures my fancy quite like art deco design flair.

As I waited to pay, I also lucked out and found a hardback edition of the book I am supposed to be reading for book club this month--yay! Sometimes, procrastination can be your friend.

All in all, a wonderful evening full of amazing treasures. Can't wait for the next one! Meanwhile, I'm linking up to Sir Thrift a Lot.

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