Friday, May 9, 2014

A Small Rummage Haul

A few days ago, I managed to steal a few moments to hit a church rummage sale. This particular sale is one of my favorites, but I must say, this time around the finds were fewer and farther between. I had fun and scored a few treasures, but let me put it this way: I didn't have to make two trips to the car or anything. (Always the sign of a great sale!)

Here's what I found: a precious vintage style baby's wool felt cap, with a label inside that states it is handcrafted by Canadian eskimos. A rather sweet find! Too bad my babies are too big to wear this darling little cap.

At the holiday table, I uncovered a ratty plastic bag with several vintage cookie cutters inside, yay!

These old fashioned paper cutouts were also hidden among the holiday treasures:

And I couldn't resist this old nativity scene with miscellaneous wisemen (but probably should have!):

I picked through an entire shoebox of uninteresting Christmas ornaments and came up with just one I wanted to take home:

The dishes and kitchenware table was woeful this year. All I found was this colorful vintage tin.

The toy table proved a little more rewarding. I found another old Monopoly game, with all the silver game pieces, houses, hotels and dice. Unfortunately, the board and paper pieces were musty and stained, but I really only wanted the hardware anyway. Nice find.

Someone had placed these vintage (c. 1980s) Wilton cake decorations among the toys, but I have a sharp eye and knew just what they were! 

And finally, I picked out these two pieces from the frame department. I have since removed the mirror from the scrolled piece and painted it a bright pink for my daughter's room. It looks so cute I am probably not going to replace the mirror--I bought a paper mache "C" at the crafts store and we are going to frame her initial instead. The second frame will probably be used in my own bedroom makeover...if I ever finish my children's rooms, that is!

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