Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feeling Blue

I spent a couple of hours today running around gathering items to assemble my girls' homemade Halloween costumes. But it wasn't all work and no play as I was able to sneak in a little treasure hunting for myself, too. And remember how I was on a Harkerware tear the last couple of weeks? Well, I didn't find any Harkerware today but I did uncover some more blue and white china to add to my collection.

I wouldn't say I actively collect this pattern shown below, but when it falls into my lap I usually pick it up. I don't even know the name or maker, but I do know it is classic and elegant and very pretty. My mother gave me her collection of dinner plates, some cups and saucers, and a couple of serving bowls long ago but I don't think she had any other pieces.

A few years ago, the bowls were lost in a sad accident. But I have also been able to slowly add to my remaining collection: a few bread and butter plates, and a beautiful gravy bowl. 

And today, I spied this coffee pot:

It's hard to know for absolute sure, but I think this is the same pattern. I know there are a few out there with blues that are ever so slightly different. But this seems a pretty good match.

My blue streak didn't end after this find. I also found a couple more pieces to add to my collection of turquoise and white mid-century pieces.

Here is a pair of salt and pepper shakers, aren't they cute?

And at the same shop, I spotted four matching cups.

I have a few pieces of this pattern: a small pitcher, a larger pitcher, and maybe a couple of other things that I am forgetting. My husband is not going to like it if I start getting hungry for more! For some silly reason, he feels that I have enough china already.

But how can I resist?

I just got a bad case of the blues.

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