Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neither wind, nor rain...

Just like the postman, nothing can keep me from my work. And my vital and serious work is unearthing treasures. Even though yesterday was rough going around here with Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc in our backyard, after a day and a half cooped up in the house with the kids, I had to get out for a spell. So I went to the closest option I have, taking all three kids with me. I had to bribe them with an ice cream treat but you do what you have to do...and I needed a fix.

I didn't uncover too many treasures today, just enough to make it worth the effort of getting all the kids dressed and in agreement. My favorite find, believe it or not, was this ceramic turkey. It is actually the salt shaker from a set of Thanksgiving S&Ps, but was missing both its mate and its stopper. Neither of those things matter to me, however, because I am going to fill in its holes and age it into a Pottery Barn-ish Thanksgiving decoration like I recently saw done on a very lovely and inspirational blog. (I need to learn how to link to other posts in the most proper fashion! It's on my to-do list.)

Then, I found this copper pedestal. The color was a bit too bright and shiny for my taste, but I loved the shape and size. I've been wanting one of these to use as a base for a fall floral accent for the second grade parent potluck I am hosting in a couple of weeks. I spray painted it antique textured bronze when I got home, and I think it turned out perfectly. I will post an "after" shot once I create the floral arrangement to go in it.

Then, another awesome score. As you may know, I simply adore vintage sewing notions and almost always snatch them up when I spot them at sales and thrifts. I found this trove of buttons, trim, snaps, and a red velvet tomato pincushion, all packaged sweetly in this beautiful wooden tray.

I also found a few goodies to add to my ever-growing collection of vintage cake decorations. I am not sure how old these are, since I have recently seen some new old-looking ones in the party stores, but they did look old and seemed to be of better quality than most newly manufactured ones. I am busy planning an old-time baseball party for my son's fourth next July, so these will be put to great use!
And just to keep the kids happy, the Thrift Gods provided for them, too. We found a brand new American Girl book and tiny jack-o-lantern treat buckets just the right size for their dolls. We used them tonight when we went to a Trick Or Treat party. Much cheaper than buying the American Girl doll-sized Halloween costumes that they really wanted!

Until next time, may the Thrift Gods be with you, too...


  1. Thanks, it is no longer copper! It is now a lovely aged bronze. But I bought another one even fancier this weekend and will show it soon. And thanks, Oyster Girl, for all the comments! Will George Washington be reading and commenting, too?