Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rummage Rundown

I didn't exactly hit the jackpot at my church's fall rummage sale, but I do feel that I got a few treasures, and certainly the fun didn't break the bank. I wouldn't say I have a method to my thrifting madness, but I do have a couple of favorite categories that I tend to hit first. That night was no different, so when I entered the sale, I made a beeline to the Christmas table. I'm not sure if I missed the good stuff, but I didn't uncover much. I did find a pretty silverplate Wallace Christmas bell dated 2000, in its original velvet bag, so I threw that into my bag. Next, I headed over to the kitchenware table. I spied a vintage aluminum cake cover, and knew I had to have it. I already have one, but this one is far better condition and it comes with a decorative glass plate rather than an aluminum one. A very good find!

I also found a small but very pretty old Johnson Brothers bowl, with a teeny tiny chip on the underside of the rim. I don't mind the chip because I want to hang the bowl on my dining room wall with some of my other china orphans and the chip won't show. Both the cake plate and the bowl together were $1. I adore vintage paper goods, and so I also couldn't resist these turkey day napkins. I wish I had picked up the matching hostess paper hand towels.

Among the less photogenic finds include several Crewcuts dresses and shirts for my daughters, in perfect condition, and a Boden tee for me. I also picked up a cheesy appliqued Christmas vest for my son that became the perfect vest for his "Colonial Minuteman" Halloween costume. I turned it inside out and exchanged the leather buttons for bicentennial-era vintage inspired pewter ones, and it looks fabulous! Right now, I am on a campaign to get him featured in the local newspaper in his costume--wish me luck!

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