Sunday, December 16, 2012

O Christmas Tree

My vintage tree is finally up and decorated and looks beautiful! I think its the prettiest tree I have ever had. I feel so happy just looking at it. I can't believe that I have thrifted all but one of the one hundred glass ornaments on it--some of them are so gorgeous I just can't fathom someone dropping them off at a thrift store because they didn't want them.

And I'm probably really asking for trouble by saying this, but so far, my children have stayed far away from this tree! Nothing broken, not a single ornament even removed from the branches yet, can you believe it?

Capturing the beauty of a lit Christmas tree is very, very difficult, so you will have to be satisfied with these two close ups, at least until I can figure out how to get a better shot.

I had so much fun making my dream of an all-vintage Christmas tree come true. And it was even nicer that I didn't have to sacrifice our traditional family tree, with its colorful mish-mash of very meaningful yet unmatched ornaments. How could I go a year without the Charlie Brown ornament that reminds me of my son's first Halloween, when his little bald baby head was just too perfect not to play good ole Chuck while his sisters were Woodstock and Snoopy? Or the shiny carrot ornament which commemorates the year that my very picky daughter first accepted the vegetable into her diet? And of course, there are all the "Baby's First" ornaments, the homemade and glittery ornaments, the hand-me-down ornaments, and most important of all, the gifted ornaments, which remind us every year of friends and family who are so dear to us.

How did you decorate your tree this year?

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