Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun and (Vintage) Games

It wouldn't surprise you if you knew I loved vintage children's games, would it? Of course not. Well, the other day during my marathon thrifting session, I ran across an old bingo game. Two bucks later, it was mine.

It also came with a big pile of plain wooden markers, which do not appear in the above photograph.

I did a quick search on Pinterest for some idea of what I could do with those cool red calling pieces, and although I did like the handcrafted rings people have posted, I am almost certain that I will keep this game as is. I love Bingo! I am envisioning family Bingo nights during long New England winters...

I have a few other vintage games. I have a Casper the Friendly Ghost board game that was in mint condition before I let my kids play with it. I should have known better, but as my husband reminds me, what are they for after all?

Among the other treasures in my basement game closet are a few old Scrabble games. Scrabble is right up there with Bingo among my all-time favorite board games. I recently picked up the 1948 vintage edition with turntable and it is really cool! And I couldn't resist this vintage Spanish edition.

I wonder how many points are there in the Spanish word for thrift?

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