Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vintage Christmas in May

For Mother's Day, I was truly spoiled. My favorite breakfast in bed, coffee in my favorite new cup (a Buffalo China coffee cup from my last big vintage haul), handmade cards, kisses galore, and one of the best gifts ever.

A couple of weekends ago, my church had its semi-annual rummage sale. Church rummage sales are the best for a number of reasons. Usually, the stuff is priced to sell and you can almost always get a heap of stuff for very little money. And now think about your average church-goer...leans a little on the more mature side, right? And most mature folks are looking to clean out their old stuff, which means vintage heaven for people like me.

So anyway, I loaded up on vintage goodness at my church's sale. It was so good, I even had to walk back to my car once and unload a number of overstuffed bags before going back in for more. But after arriving home, while unpacking my treasures, I realized to my great dismay that I had forgotten to get one thing that I had spotted--a vintage white Christmas tree! I was so sad because the sale had closed for the evening and I knew that I would not be able to make it back the next day. I gave my husband my very best puppy dog eyes and asked him to please go get it for me in the morning but he was not swayed. At least not until I reminded him that the following Sunday was Mother's Day and he probably hadn't helped the kids procure a gift yet. I laid it out like this: a $5 tree, or a far more expensive robin's egg blue box with something shiny inside. Then I left him to his decision.

Thankfully, he made the right decision and on Mother's Day morning, I was presented with the tree. It needs a little scrubbing, as the white is probably not as white as it once was, but otherwise it is in perfect condition. It is a small tree, maybe 4 feet high, with screw in branches. I can't wait to decorate it with some of my beloved vintage Christmas ornaments next Christmas!

And here are a few ornaments that I also found at the sale that may very well make it onto the tree come December:

All of these will work very nicely with my hoped-for Scandinavian Christmas theme! And these below are also very sweet:

I'm still actively collecting angels for my planned angel tree.

I love them because they remind me of my cone angel collection, pictured below:

And then, finally, here is another find that will work nicely with my Scandinavian theme--a crewel wall hanging of little imps cavorting in nature.

Although there are tulips pictured, the imps are dressed warmly and carrying a chopped down fir tree...I think I can make it work!


  1. I got three of those tiny red Santas at the sale we went to in Marblehead!

    1. I have a few more from other places, too. They must have been very popular at one point!

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