Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vintage Party Ware!

The other day, I decided to tackle organizing my two drawers of baking supplies. When we moved in last summer, the last thing I wanted to do was carefully sort out the sprinkles from the vintage cake toppers from the cupcake wrappers. So all of this stuff got packed into two large drawers along with cookie cutters, rolling pins, and icing bags. Needless to say, it was a big mess.

My spur of the moment organizing was inspired by this find:

A couple of boxes, one unopened, of vintage birthday candle holders. I pick these candle holders up whenever I see them, and I'd say I now have enough to celebrate my 100th birthday, if I am blessed to have one. But I had never found any still in the cute little retro boxes!

Since I have parties on the mind due to all the planning I've been doing for my daughter's upcoming pioneer party, I thought it might be fun to share some of my other vintage birthday finds.

Among the vintage cake toppers in my collection are these football players, which I found at a rummage sale last weekend:

And then there are these All Stars, ready to take the field for my son's July baseball birthday festivities.

And these carousel ponies:

And these dwarves, which are actually from the Snow White cake I had for my own 5th birthday. I still have most of the dwarves but sadly, the Snow White was stepped on many moons ago and didn't survive. She remains on my "Most Wanted" thrift wish list. You can frequently find Snow Whites on ebay (yes, I am embarrassed to say that I've looked!), but I have never seen the exact model that I had on my cake.

And these pretty pink ladies, who I think are meant to be bridesmaids:

I also have some vintage birthday candles; isn't the packaging cute as a button?  I'm really tempted to open up the box of Capri candles to peek at the vintage party game ideas.

To go with my cake toppers and candles, I also collect vintage paper party supplies. I have a slew of invitations, a couple of paper tablecloths, plastic cups, napkins, and some groovy divided paper plates from the 1960s. That collection could also use a little organizing, but I'll save it for another day. Right now, for some reason, I feel the need to go and bake a cake.

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