Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vacation Thrift Finds

After a week of blissful R&R in Vacationland, I am home and ready to take on back-to-school fever, which has hit our household in full force. Although this is one mom who is sad to see the end of summer, I am relieved to know that all three of my children are excited about school, even the two who are entering new schools with all the challenges that accompany such a transition. I must say, it is amazing what a new backpack, lunchbox and water bottle, crayons, colored pencils, and a notebook can do to turn first day jitters into "I-can't-wait" excitement.

While in Maine, I spent most days on the beach enjoying glorious late summer weather or at the lobster pounds eating, well, pounds of crustaceans, but I did make a brief trip into town to check out the thrift shops in the area. I wasn't in the mood to do any serious shopping, but I still found a few little treasures to tuck into my suitcase.

My girls are into all kinds of home crafting projects right now, so I always dig through the arts and crafts area of thrift shops, where I frequently find unique and interesting finds to keep our crafting cabinet fully stocked. This trip I scored some vintage rick rack (one of my personal weaknesses!), pretty vintage lace trim, wooden shapes, dollhouse-sized bird ornaments, a miniature metal latch, and tiny jingle bells. I also found a large bag of raffia, which I need for preparations for an upcoming birthday party. The girls picked out some vintage buttons and tiny boxes, which they have already crafted into button boxes.

I also nabbed small yardages of two vintage fabrics. The pink one has tiny roses and daisies on it, and we are going to use it for the backing of a nine-patch quilt (made of vintage fabrics, of course) that my daughter is making. The green one I had to have because I remember that fabric from a skirt my mother made me as a young child. Very 1970s!

Also in the craft section was this unused vintage Bermuda bag, plus a pattern for making the covers, and a half finished sample. A while back, I picked up a darling vintage child size version that needs some TLC along with two vintage covers in good shape. When I get to that project, I can make a cover for this one and then give a bag to each of my daughters. Maybe for Christmas? I wish I had kept my own beloved Bermuda bag from 7th grade. I remember having several totally preppy covers for it, including one that was a beautiful madras. I'm glad I found these two bags so I can still pass on the preppy love to my daughters.

It is kind of hard to show the scale of my next find: a very large shallow stainless steel pan. I picked this baby up for a buck and I have already thought of a number of uses for it. I originally intended to use it for my younger daughter's pioneer party (a re-do of daughter #1's Little House party from earlier this summer)--with so many guests in attendance, I needed another pan for washing clothes. This pan will do the trick nicely and like I said, it will be great for other projects, too. Not to mention I can fill it up with ice and use it for adult beverages at parties. It looks a mess now, but once I get it cleaned up, I'm sure it will be a beauty.

I found a box full of vintage coloring books at a yard sale on our way home, and picked out a few for myself. I'm always searching for vintage Christmas coloring books in particular, although as my kids grow up, I'm losing a bit of interest in them. These finds were not quite as exciting as the vintage Peanuts coloring book I found a few weeks ago, but I don't see these very often and I was happy to pick them up.

I've also been looking for vintage comic books for awhile now, but have never seen one in a thrift store for a bargain price. I so remember loving them as a kid and am disappointed that my kids don't know the joy of curling up with a fun comic book on a lazy afternoon. I was thrilled to finally find one, offered up for about a quarter at the same yard sale. It is in great shape, too, aside from a slight musty smell which I think I can minimize with the help of my trusted friend, Mr. Baking Soda, and a plastic zip baggie.

And nerd alert! I bought a puzzle. I love making Ukrainian Easter eggs, and I'll admit it, I love doing puzzles so this was a perfect find. What makes it really fun is that my kids now love doing them with me, so while it is no longer time for solitary reflection, it is enjoyable in a whole new way.

There you have it, my vacation treasures. Nothing too spectacular, just enough to keep me in the game! Linking up to Sir Thrift a Lot; I missed seeing all the thrifty goodness last week. 

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  1. I'm so jealous of your relaxing sounding Maine vacation! Great finds! I'm excited to see the quilt your daughter makes. And that bag is cool too!