Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harkerware Jackpot

I used to find Harkerware in the thrifts pretty frequently. Not every outing, for sure, and not always in patterns that I wanted, but at least monthly, I would find a piece or often more at a shop. Lately, however, it has become a rarer sight. And I hadn't seen a single piece in at least the last four months.

But last week, my luck changed. I had a very successful shopping trip to my current favorite thrift store, and scored a number of pieces in one of my favorite Harker patterns, the teal green Corinthian. Just look at all this!

Four dinner plates, two dessert plates, two bowls, and a serving platter. All in good to excellent condition. There is a small discoloration on one of the rims of the dinner plates and the dessert plates are a little worn so I thought about leaving them behind but I'm very glad I didn't. The prices were very reasonable, too, which is notable because this particular thrift has been overpricing their china and glassware for quite some time.

I also lucked out and found this matching covered dish on the next aisle over.

Lately, I've been collecting so much white china it is nice to spice things up a little with some color. And definitely something a little bolder than my usual turquoise. These dishes would actually be very pretty around Christmastime.

I hope you have had some luck finding some pretty treasures lately, too!

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