Sunday, December 22, 2013

Latest Finds

Again, it's been awhile since my last post and I have found a few treasures since then so an update is in order.

I love thrifting this time of year because all the stores are swimming in Christmas merchandise. Of course, you do need to dig through a lot of less desirable stuff in order to find what you're hoping for, but that does not dissuade me. Here are some of my latest finds:

I'll start with my favorite of the bunch, a lovely, nearly complete Nativity set. The baby Jesus is not the one that goes with the rest of the set, one of the sheep is missing, and the other has a broken leg, but I can live with those small flaws while I search for their replacements.

More vintage ornaments! I especially like the red "Christmas Greetings" ornament, although I can never have too many striped ones.

Another set of Swedish angel chimes. I haven't pulled these out of the box to see if the set is complete, but I really bought them only for the angels themselves. Inspired by a Pinterest image of a lovely Advent wreath that incorporated the angels, and I'd like to try to create my own version next year. I also think they might work as ornaments on my tabletop Victorian Christmas tree.

These two ceramic houses. Not really sure that they are vintage, but I thought they had a vintage look and could be incorporated into a charming winter display.

This funny little Christmas scene. This was still sealed in the box, so all I could see was the tip of the sweet little bottle brush tree. While this will never be a focal point of my Christmas decorating, my kids think its cute and it dresses up a small tucked away windowsill in my house.

And then I found some lovely things for entertaining. I was lucky to find a set of six vintage etched glass compotes that are simple but stunning. (Also hard to photograph! This picture does not do them justice.) I already have a very sentimental set of twelve vintage compotes that belonged to my grandmother but I am terrified of using them around my children. These compotes are just as beautiful as my grandmother's, but if one or two breaks I won't need to seek counseling.

And then a very simple small serving platter from Crate and Barrel. I have a few pieces that coordinate with this plate, and I know its one of those things I will reach for over and over. Side note: these pomanders are from the third grade class party that I coordinated last week and were a very easy project and a huge hit with all the kids. Highly recommend to any room parents out there who might need to keep an eye out for easy, low-cost, and entertaining kids' crafts. Of course, you needn't be a room parent to enjoy making these with your children.

There are a few other finds, but I'll hold off and post about them later. I'm also working on a Top Ten Finds of 2013 post, where I'll review a few of my favorite vintage things that I've found in the last twelve months. Not sure there is any more thrifting to be done before I call it a year, but I'll hold off posting that recap until New Year's just the same. Linking this one up to Sir Thrift a Lot and headed over there now to see what everyone else has picked up lately.


  1. Great finds! Your nativity reminds me of the one my Mom had. Love the glasses. Think the Christmas scene is rally cute too, it's different.

    Visiting from Thriftasaurus. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the vintage glass balls in the silver tray/plate. Shiny and sweet.

  3. I LOVE that little Triangle doll house!

  4. Very lovely finds!! I have that same Swedish Angel Chime!! Looking forward to seeing your top picks from last year.