Friday, November 30, 2012

Frugal Friday

Hello, I'm Anne and I'm a thriftaholic. I felt a little bit guilty this morning when I made the decision to skip the preschool sing-a-long in favor of a little field trip to a new thrift I just learned about. In my defense, it is only open twice a week and it is a bit of a jaunt so I can't just go there on a whim. And today is the only day in quite awhile that I'll be able to get there. And do they really need another voice for the "Wheels on the Bus" chorus? I think not. Do I sound defensive?

I did uncover some treasures, so it was all worth it. (Although I have already promised my daughter that I won't miss the next one, okay? So please no judgment!)

Here is a cache of vintage Christmas ornaments, all in good shape and in my favored color palette. Lovely!

I also picked up a couple of non-vintage angel ornaments. I am thinking I will probably do an all-angel theme tree someday soon so I had better start looking for sweet angel ornaments!

There was a small collection of vintage aprons, and although I contemplated purchasing the lot, I decided to take just the cutest one. I love this adorable fabric, don't you?

I love these old Christmas sewing kits--a brand new sequined Santa napkin ring kit and a partially finished sequined ornament kit.

This little footstool was too cute to pass up. It will be one of my next projects. I plan to paint the wood a creamy shade and recover the seat to give it an update. Since it is small, I have a good chance of getting to this before Christmas. It would fit perfectly in my sitting room, but my girls are already fighting over who gets it for their room, so we may resort to a lottery.

In addition to these finds, I also picked up yet another Advent wreath candle holder, some cute ski pants for my daughter, an American Girl Samantha board game that I'd never seen before, and a couple of toys for my son. All in all, I'd say it was a successful trip. Now I'm torn between staying home and working on some of my projects or heading out to explore new thrifting territory tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. 

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