Friday, November 23, 2012

Thrift Therapy, Part Deux

Here are a few more treasures that were uncovered during last weekend's thrifting adventure. I am still going through everything that I purchased and figuring out what I will do with each and every piece. Some have already found their place in my home, some will be reworked and repainted and will then re-emerge to claim their rightful spot, and some will be tucked away for another day. I've been having great fun today transforming a few of the treasures and I will share the before and after shots soon.

It is no secret I love to bake, and a natural extension of that passion is a collection of vintage cake toppers and decorating implements. (At least, I think its a natural extension--I know some people may not agree and may actually think I am nuts! You know who you are...)

I found these delightful ladies at a large outdoor flea market, mixed in with a bunch of ragged vintage Christmas decorations. I thought they were adorable. I think they might be 1950's bridesmaids but I am not sure.

Now, I mentioned they were mixed in with a lot of Christmas didn't think I left them behind, did you?

I love these angels and have a few of them already. I guess now I am a full-fledged collector of paper cone angels! I don't think the bottle brush tree is vintage but it was cute so I took it, too. Hiding behind the harp is a little plaster cast angel. She will look sweet in one of my miniature nativity scenes that I set up this time of year.

After I paid for the Christmas stuff and cake toppers, I took one last look at the messy table. Covered in white fuzz, this adorable little stuffed deer peered up at me and I just couldn't leave him behind.

I tried to research him on the web when I got home. I never found an exact match, but I suspect that this is a vintage Dakin deer from either the 1950s or 1960s.

Also at the same flea market, I found two of these vintage Wedgewood plates. The shady dealer claimed they were 1840s, which I doubted (turns out they date to the 1880s), but for $4 for the pair, I couldn't resist. I had been hoping to find a few more plates to hang on my dining room wall. Because they are going on the wall, I didn't mind the single tiny chip on each plate. I did mind when the dealer tried to steal $20 from me, but unfortunately for him, I was paying attention and he was unsuccessful. But it was a good reminder that one must be careful when paying with cash and when dealing with people one does not know.

I have a few more finds from the trip to show you, and also some thrifty transformations that I've been working on. Check back soon!

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