Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Last of the Stash

Here are the last few finds from my treasure-hunting weekend. I have had so much fun incorporating them into my home!

Here is a reproduction Russel Wright pitcher. Oneida came out with this line a few years ago and I purchased a black one then but this blue color was so lovely that I couldn't pass it up, even though there was a small chip on the spout (the 75 cent price tag was also an incentive!). My mother had a set of blue Russel Wright Iroquois dinnerware that we always used for holidays when I was a child and while this blue is not exactly the same shade, it is close enough to serve as a happy reminder of Christmases past. I plan to fill it with seasonal greens and perch it on my bookshelves in my living room.

I found these 1970's cuties at one of the Goodwills we hit that weekend. I am not a huge fan of the overly rosy cheeks, and considered painting over them before adding them to my son's vintage sports-themed bedroom, but after some quick online research I decided that at some point I may wish to resell them and altering them would decrease their value.

I'm always on the lookout for vintage greeting cards, wrapping paper and paper goods. I do try to be selective, especially with the cards, unless I can find a big batch for pennies. I picked these out of a large bin to add to my collection. Not the finest I own, but charming in their own little way.

My friend shook her head at me when I threw this next item into my shopping cart--a replica Plymouth Rock. I thought it was adorable despite the cheesy packaging and loved it even more when I unwrapped it and set it out next to the Gurley Pilgrim candles (a flea market find) at Thanksgiving.  I really wish I'd picked up the turkey candle, too!

This glass owl paperweight reminded me of my professor sister, and I may end up giving it to her at some point. Until then, it roosts on my desk.

I just couldn't leave this beaded lace collar in the dollar bin of a pricey stall at the flea market. It is in excellent shape and will be a nice addition to the fancy dress-up collection that I break out for special tea parties for my girls.

And finally, here is a small pinecone candleholder that I picked up intending to spray paint. I decided to use it as a pedestal for my vintage tree topper. I may still paint it at some point, but for now, I kind of like the aged bronzey color on my mantel display.

And there you have it. All of my finds from my weekend, except a couple that are earmarked for Christmas gifts. Perhaps I will share those with you after the holiday, when no surprise will be spoiled. I hope you enjoyed seeing my haul, and I look forward to sharing many more treasures with you soon!

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