Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Vintage Children's Book Finds

I can never resist picking up cute old children's books when I am out looking for vintage treasures. Here are some of my recent finds:

I am learning a lot about kids' books these days because I am taking a class about the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing children's literature. I am even working on a book of my own in partnership with a small historical society where I used to work. Not sure if that project will ever come to a fruitful end, but regardless, I am finding it fascinating to learn about the current trends in children's literature and all the detailed work and thought that goes into each page. In my class, we mostly study current children's books, because naturally most of us are interested in writing for today's market, but I can't help but apply my newly critical eye to my vintage book collection. I see so many differences! For starters, books of the past had far more text on each page and didn't seem to be as formulaic as today's volumes. If you have both vintage and modern kids' books lying around, open them up and compare them just for fun. I guarantee you will be surprised to see the differences. Personally, I favor the vintage books but have a growing appreciation for many of the new titles. Which do you prefer--old or new, or a mix?

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