Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Jewelry and a LBD

Like most ladies I know, I love a good LBD. They are always appropriate, flattering and classic. Of course, they can also be a little too expected and a tad unexciting. This weekend, I am attending a semi-formal gala with an Art Deco theme. As a member of the hosting committee, I will be "on duty" so I don't want to wear anything too precious or cumbersome, but I do want to look nice. A Little Black Dress fits the bill perfectly.

I absolutely adore the Art Deco period--the music, the fashions, the architecture, and of course the jewelry! Unfortunately, I don't have any Art Deco pieces in my collection. Yet. But I did want to try to dress up my simple Theory cap-sleeved dress with something vintage. Now, I am not sure about you, but I tend to lean towards silver tones in the great silver vs. gold debate. So my first thought was to go with some of my silver pieces. I have a long silvery chain entwined with pearls that is a bit reminiscent of the flapper era. But I wear that piece a lot and it would be nice to take this opportunity to wear something a little different. So instead, I plan on wearing a different long pearl strand--this one has an aged golden chain and vintage faux pearls. I found it in one of my favorite thrift shops a couple of years ago. I am going to pair it with a beautiful vintage flower brooch encrusted with faux diamonds. But instead of wearing the brooch on my dress, I am fashioning a ribbon sash from my stash of vintage ribbons and will afix the brooch to the ribbon.

Here is a close-up of the brooch:

Completing the outfit will be my classic diamond studs and thoroughly modern open toe gold sandals with lots of bling. I'm hoping the overall look will be pretty yet comfortable, nothing too flashy, but hopefully not boring, either. How have you used vintage jewelry in your modern-day wardrobe?

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