Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Generosity of Thrifters

Some people might think that thrifters are a bunch of tightwads. I mean, after all, aren't we trolling the dingy aisles of junk stores desperately searching for bargains? Well, yes and most definitely no. Yes, in that I think we thrifters are all lured by the promise of finding a treasure or two, and sometimes the motivation is to make or save a buck. But a big, giant resounding "no" to being cheap and stingy! The thrifters I know and love are among some of the most generous people I know!

If you have been following along, then you know of some recent instances when I have been the recipient of a fellow thrifter's generosity. If not, you can read this and this, for starters. Nothing warms your heart more than opening up a little care package from a friend, especially a friend who just gets you and your vintage way of life. In addition to the occasional package in the mail, I frequently get texts from friends when they are out and about on their vintage hunts, asking me if I am interested in a particular item that they have seen on the shelf. If I say yes, they often snap it up and just give it to me--it's rare that money exchanges hands. This works both ways, of course. I absolutely love looking out for things that my friends collect; in fact, I think I actually get more of a high from finding them things than I do when I find goodies for myself!

And while giving and receiving thrifted loot is truly wonderful, it is even more fun to hit the thrift scene together with a buddy. It becomes a joint mission--we each know what the other is looking for and we keep our eyes open for those things as well as the things on our own thrift wish list. It makes thrifting so much more interesting and fun--you have the joy of finding things for yourself and also the great delight of helping your friend find something that makes them smile, too. But what happens when you and your thrifting buddy have your eye on the same thing?! Things could get interesting...but in my experience, it goes something like this:

"You take it."
"No, you take it."
"No, really, I don't need it. I want you to have it."
"Naw, I couldn't. You saw it first, you take it."

And this continues, all Chip and Dale-like, until someone finally caves and puts the darn thing in their basket.

Since starting this blog, I have learned that the same generosity of spirit exists in cyberspace. For example, one of my favorite thrifting bloggers, Dime Store Thrift, is offering a giveaway this month in honor of her birthday. She is offering anything in her lovely etsy shop OR, and this is the best part, she will thrift for you! That is right, she will find you what your vintage-loving little heart desires at one of her local thrift haunts and send it to your doorstep. Of course, I entered the giveaway, and you should, too! While you are there, be sure to peruse her past posts, as she is entertaining and finds some great things.

On the same subject of blogger generosity, I also wanted to mention that I am honored to be one of the featured links at Elizabeth & Co's link party this week! Wow, my first mention on one of my favorite blogs! I was wondering why my blog was getting more traffic today, even without a new post! Turns out, I have the generosity of Elizabeth & Co. to thank for that! Please check it out, even if you have already seen my footstool re-do; there's lots of cool things featured along with it.

Finally, while I'm rambling on about generosity, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I also appreciate--really, more than I can possibly say!-- the generous comments, support, and encouragement that so many of my friends and readers have given me as I started this blog. In particular, I must thank my friend Mom Hearts Pinot, who has given me lots of blogging encouragement on top of being an awesome friend and writer! Please check her out too, at the blog of the same name.

Now go out into the world and be generous with your time, talents, and thrifting!

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