Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vintage Fun for Kids

A few days ago, when I was recounting all my recent finds, I forgot to mention two things that I picked up for my kids. Okay, well, for me and the kids.

I loved the Uncle Wiggily board game as a child; I have many great memories of playing this game with my sisters and cousins. This version is not that old, probably dating to the 1980s, but I was still surprised to see that it was complete and in very good condition.

I also picked up this retro Hansel and Gretel puzzle. When I looked it up online, I learned that at one point this same puzzle came in a very cool cylindrical tin. I wish I had found it in the tin, but even in the box it is still a cute puzzle and all the pieces are accounted for.

Now I must admit that neither the puzzle nor the game has caused too much excitement around here, but this next find has been a winner with all three kids. My two younger ones are really into acting out the Peter Rabbit stories right now, so when I spotted this little vintage rabbit tea set I had to pick it up. We've been enjoying the most delightful tea parties ever since. Come a rainy day when there's nothing else to do, I'll get out Uncle Wiggily. Until then, do drop by for a spot of tea. We'll put the kettle on for you.


  1. LOOOOVE all of these items...Of all things vintage, I think the children's items are the best! I really must go shopping with you the next time we are together!

  2. I agree--the children's items are so much fun! And I'd love to take you vintage shopping with me the next time I'm in town.