Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Vintage Fun for Kids

Having three young children at home means I always have an excuse to pick up vintage children's toys, decorations, or books. But let's be honest, even if I lived alone with no little ones around, I would still be tempted by vintage children's things. They are just so much fun and bring back so many happy childhood memories. And it is even more fun to treasure hunt when I have a ready audience just waiting to play with whatever vintage goodness I bring home!

I'll start my sharing with something that conjured up not pleasant childhood memories, but bitter memories of sibling jealousy and rage! My oldest sister had this very same deluxe set of crayons, and guarded it from her little sisters with the intensity of a tiger mother protecting her cubs. How I coveted this set! When I saw this tucked in a stack of tired board games at a church rummage sale, I recognized it at once and knew it was going home with me.

Look at all those crayons lined up so nicely, and that adorable little red and gold crayon sharpener! It's no wonder my sister protected this set so ferociously; I have to admit that I, too, have yet to let my little charges play with my set.  

Next, I found this colorful United States map puzzle by Playskool. I'm guessing it is from the 1950s or 1960s. The states were packed separately in a ziploc bag, so I had to take a chance that all the pieces were there when I purchased it. Unfortunately, one of my favorite states--Rhode Island--was missing when I put it together. Luckily, RI is a tiny little state, and you can hardly even tell it is not there. I doubt this one will get much use around here anyway, at least for awhile, as it is a bit more challenging than I think my kids are ready for.

Another vintage Playskool toy is one of my favorite finds of this past week. I love this vintage parking garage almost as much as my kids do.

Awhile back, I found this Bingo set. If you recall, back in February, I found a partial set but this time I found the box and all. We love Bingo, it's a great family game and perfect for rainy days or cold winter nights when we don't want to go out and brave the wind or snow.

This next find qualifies as a toy but really, I wanted them for my adult self. I loved marbles as a child, and have been collecting them when I find them for a reasonable price, which is hardly ever. However, I stumbled across several small bags of old marbles for only 50 cents each the other day. I think they look pretty in this bird topped jar in my sitting room.

And finally, these are probably not vintage but they are a nice find nonetheless. I had previously thrifted a vintage set of plastic chess pieces but could not pass up these wooden pieces for a replacement. We've been wanting to pull out the chess board this summer to keep our skills from getting rusty, and this find just might motivate us to do that!

And now I'm off to work on preparations for my son's upcoming baseball birthday party. The adrenaline had better kick in soon because I only have two more days until the party and ever so much to do!

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