Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vintage Sewing Notions

When I am treasure hunting, there are certain things I always look for. Vintage china and glassware, of course. Children's books and toys. Christmas decorations. And Fisher-Price Little People and accessories. But I also always take a moment to comb through the craft supply section in hopes that some vintage treasures are lurking in the bins of dollar store acrylic yarns and half-used bottles of glitter glue.

Over the weekend, I found some lovely sewing and crafting notions and I can't wait to show them off. These beautiful vintage ribbons were hiding in a bag of gaudy modern Christmas ribbons. The ribbons themselves are simply lovely but the old spools add so much character. I might keep these on permanent display rather than use them up.

I also found several small bags of vintage trims, including some cool textured rayon rick-rack . I especially love the blue and white floral trim.

Then, at another store, I came across this cute vintage embroidery kit for my daughter to practice stitching on, new bamboo knitting needles, and some vintage buttons.

These precious little ribbon bows and tiny vintage millinery flowers made me smile. My girls and I will use these in our crafting work, possibly on some things we are creating for our dollhouse.

I can always use a little help refining my seamstress skill set, so I picked up this vintage sewing guide.

Since I need something to house all my little finds, this tabletop cabinet came home with me. A very sincere thank you to my friend who sawed the decorative heart trim off the top of this cabinet to simplify it and make it more my style. I'm pretty much in love with the little ceramic knobs.

I've enjoyed having the opportunity to go through my collection of vintage trims and laces as I fill this little cabinet up. It will be helpful to have vintage inspiration right at my fingertips the next time I'm working on a project. So much nicer than my old plastic Rubbermaid containers! I had so much fun checking out everyone else's weekend thrift finds last week after linking up to Sir Thrift a Lot, so I'm doing it again. Good luck out in thriftland this week, all!


  1. Love the little cabinet - what a great find :)

  2. The cabinet looks great without the top! Glad it worked!