Saturday, October 26, 2013

China Scores & More

Finally! I guess my complaining about never finding any china and glassware anymore really paid off. Last night, I took a quick little trip up north and returned with several bags of goodies, including some plates and bowls in one of my favorite vintage patterns.

This pattern is "Ever Yours Boutonniere" by Taylor Smith and Taylor, which I've featured on this blog before. My mother had some of these pieces and I inherited them; the turquoise interiors and sweet little pattern make them irresistible to me. I am lucky enough to have amassed quite the collection, but I am always hoping to find more. Usually, I find tea cups and saucers but last night, I found the bread and butter/dessert plates and the small bowls--the two kinds of pieces that I covet the most! I scored ten little plates and six bowls and could not be happier.

I've been searching for a nice pasta bowl ever since my good friend picked one up last year but had yet to find one I liked in good condition and for a price I wanted to pay. Well, last night I found that, too. This one is vintage and actually bears a bit of resemblance to Blue Ridge Pottery, although it is marked S.S. Crown Ironstone Ware, Made in Japan.

I don't think these two vintage planters are anything too special, I just liked their color and the ridged pattern, and the fact that there are two of them. They are a nice size for herbs and should coordinate well with my McCoy splatter glaze planters that I also inherited from my mother.

My girls will be so happy when I present them with these two little bowls, which are just the right size for their American Girl dolls. In fact, one of their AG Kit playsets has a bowl very similar to these, only it is made out of some sort of plastic. These are china, and pretty sturdy, too, so I don't think there is too much risk of breakage.

And a few weeks ago, I went to a rummage sale at the local temple and while I didn't find too much I wanted to bring home (I went the second day), I did find this vintage recipe card tin. It is identical to one that belonged to my husband's late grandmother. We have hers, and it still holds some of her original recipes. I picked this one up for a couple of quarters so that now my girls can each have one when they're all grown up (and no, I'm not being sexist, I'm sure someday I will find one more of these and when I do, I'll save it for my son). Call me sentimental, but I just love having little connections like that to pass down, especially when my children never had an opportunity to meet their great-grandmother. I know that despite never having known her in life, I still treasure the two precious little things that I have that once belonged to my great-grandmother.

I unearthed several more treasures last night, but I think I'll spread the love and save them for a future post. I even found a couple of little gifts for the kids that I will save for Christmas--love that I already have completed most of my holiday shopping for them. I am thinking that I will even start wrapping things next week!

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