Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cross one off the Thrift Wish List!

I am always excited when I find something at a thrift shop or sale that I've been hoping to find for years. Yes, I know, I can pretty much find whatever I want on ebay or etsy, but that's no fun! I much prefer to hunt things down.

At my church's rummage sale this past weekend, there was one large room full of books and it was there that I found it.

Read Aloud Funny Stories. Such a simple name for such a wonderful collection of stories. One of my absolute favorite stories ever is in this book, "The Magic Geranium." It's a story about how the humble gift of a geranium plant transforms the life of its recipient. Many times, as an adult, I have thought of this delightful story and the others in this book and wished I could share it with my children. And now I can!

At the same sale, I also found several vintage cooking booklets. I love this one, dated 1938:

And this one, all about pie! Or more specifically, "party pies." I just bought a couple of sugar pumpkins so I'm hoping this booklet has a good pumpkin pie recipe in it.

I also found these vintage Hallmark valentines. They are in great shape and feature "knock-knock" jokes. My kids will love them.

I am such a sucker for vintage invitations! These were cute.

And my kids love the fold-over notes that were so popular when I was a kid.

I picked up a few more treasures at the same sale, so I'll be sure to post the rest of my finds soon. Very excited that the fall rummage sale season has begun!

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