Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Weekend Finds

Here are a few more of the goodies that I picked up this weekend. My china finds that I shared yesterday were probably my favorites, but I did manage to bring home a few more things worth mentioning.

Since my house is full of books, I need lots of bookends. Of course, I like the vintage style ones best and have picked up several over the years. These just might be my favorite pair yet. I almost missed them--they were way up on the top shelf in the office supplies department and I only spotted them because I was looking for a c.1980s plastic desk supplies organizer for my daughter (if I ever find one, I'll share what she plans to do with's a very cute idea if I do say so myself).

Of course, I had to purchase some new-to-me books to go with them. I love this sweet vintage edition of Mary Poppins in the Park.

Check out the endpapers--so cute!

I found this little box to add to my collection of trinket boxes. Sometimes I paint them, sometimes I leave as is. This one I will probably paint and decorate. It's small and shows a bit of wear, but once spiffed up I can see this as a gift box for a special present or maybe even a jewelry box for one of my girls' American Girl dolls. And yes, their dolls have jewelry! Those dolls want for nothing!

Then there's this cool vintage telephone book. It was brand spanking new, in the original cellophane wrapping. Until I came along anyway. I opened it right up, hoping it would be like the charming one my family had when I was growing up. As it turns out, this one is plain Jane boring inside, but at least it is unused and cute on the outside.

My last find of the day is this vintage children's book on fire engines. A typical boy, my son loves fire trucks and this book had nice detailed pictures of some older models. But I really bought it because in my charming little New England town, we still have the old fire boxes at many of our neighborhood corners and this book had two pages devoted to how they worked and what each little feature was called. Everyone who visits me up here seems to comment on those fire boxes and asks me how they worked. Now, I can study up and sound all knowledgeable the next time someone asks!

I'm linking up my finds to Sir Thrift a Lot. Heading there now to see what everyone else found this weekend.

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  1. I love those sweet books! I have a really difficult time leaving books with cute covers behind even if I never plan on reading them. They are still fun to display!