Friday, November 8, 2013

A Few Good Finds

I wasn't going to go out this morning, really! But then I pictured the possibility of wonderful Christmas decorations being put out on the shelves and worried that I would miss out. So off I went, and although it wasn't a big haul kind of a day, I am pleased with what I uncovered.

This sweet elf mistletoe ball will most definitely find a place of honor in one of our doorways this Christmas. He's in near perfect condition, and although at first I intended to pull him right off his perch and throw away the faux mistletoe, I admit that the plastic greenery is growing on me and I now plan to leave it as is. I'm a classy gal, I am.

I also found a few tiny non-vintage bottle brush trees. I am planning to make some snow globes this year with the kids and these will be perfect, especially at 49 cents for the bunch!

I'm always keeping an eye out for vintage cookie cutters and I came across a pile of Christmas ones. Of course, in the bundle were a star, a Santa, and a bell, each of which I already own six or seven copies! But I was thrilled to find this round cutter with green handle. I am such a sucker for the green handled kitchen tools and this one is in great condition, just needs a little cleaning and it will be stunning.

Some fairy bookplates that my daughter will love were an easy choice:

And these little berry bowls:

All in all, not a bad haul for a quiet morning. And then I came home and finally set up this blog to be viewed on BlogLovin', so if you are so inclined, you may now find me there. Simply click the link below. Thank you, as always, for reading. Your interest and feedback make this little hobby great fun for me!

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  1. It's always so nice to come out with good stuff when you weren't expecting much. Love that little mistletoe ball! The plasticness of it all is part of what makes it fun!