Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Garland DIY

I did enjoy a little thrifting on Friday and scored some nice finds, but I'll keep you in suspense and instead write about something else tonight. I saw a festive garland in a catalog last week and clipped it out knowing that I could make one just as cute. I can't find an image of the garland online as it was actually just a prop in the background, but it was a simple brown paper garland spelling out the words "TOAST" and attached to baker's string with small glittered clothespins.

While dinner was cooking a couple of nights ago, I assembled the supplies from my craft closet and got to work. I ended up glittering every last mini clothespin I had, it was so much fun and they looked so pretty. I tried out a number of different glitters: large silver flakes, teensy tiny bronze, and shimmery white crystals. For the clothespins on this garland, I actually mixed all three together. It's very festive.

Instead of writing TOAST, which would be perfectly wonderful for New Year's Eve, I decided to write PEACE. I will spare you the sermon, but lately peace has been on my mind a lot, or more accurately, the lack of peace in this world. Peace is what I am praying for, and so peace is what I wrote. However, I plan to make a few other words as well so I can modify the garland to suit different occasions.

Now, I know that bringing about peace on earth is going to take more than just 30 minutes and some craft paint, but maybe if we all spent more time crafting instead of playing violent video games, the world would be a better place. Oh, wait, I promised no sermon! So, just make the garland. It's fun, it's easy, and just might contribute to world peace.

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