Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Thrift Care Package

I received the most wonderful surprise on my doorstep earlier this week. One of my favorite thrifting pals sent me a box full of vintage goodies. We have clearly spent a fair amount of time thrifting together because everything was perfectly "me."

There was this Christmas child, who with her cheery red and white ensemble, will be a lovely addition to my collection of vintage Christmas figurines.

And then this tiny jointed Peter Pan doll. Every detail is perfect. He even has sleep eyes.

My friend knows how much I love vintage stationery, especially holiday stationery, so she packed in these sweet little postcards, still in the original packaging:

And this pad of seal and stamp stationery is unique and fabulous in its own right. My kids love using vintage stationery to write letters to their friends back in their old hometown. Or maybe they just nod their heads in fear of disappointing me when I ask them if they like the vintage stationery I give them...anyway, they use it and that is what matters.

More Christmas goodness: these precious teeny tiny angels:

And I've saved the very best for last...two (TWO!!) little boxes of the most amazing little miniature nativity figures. They look unused and I am already brainstorming creative ways to employ them in my Christmas decorating. I absolutely adore the boxes, too!

Now I really can't wait to start my Christmas decorating! But I promise I'll wait until after Thanksgiving...I need to give my thrifted pilgrim candles and faux Plymouth Rock their day in the sun!

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